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I create art within a magickal realm of possibility, channeling the energies of elements to express mystery, universal love and the complexity of the human experience. I construct images of female empowerment, mysticism, sorcery and alternate realities by combining my own unique lexicon with iconic symbols. I enjoy blending mediums including photography, printmaking, painting, digital art, fashion, sound art, performance and creative writing. My practice of creation includes sound healing, shamanic ceremony, Wiccan rituals and poetry.


I am a seamstress sent to mend the disconnect felt by humanity, and to empower my viewers to recognize their own creativity and luminescence. I combine forces of the dream-world with the those of our conscious state, and energies of light with those of the shadowlands, thus representing the beautiful spectrum of life and death. If we do not unite as a tribe and harmonize with nature, what will become of our world?

Instagram @goblin33

Facebook @jessiemillersmind

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